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Marstrand. A unique island with unique conditions for peace, recovery and recreation. With a history of royal respite others that few places can match.



In a fantastic environment in the Bohuslän archipelago, you will find Marstrands Kurhotell, a genuine retreat hotel that, in addition to unique opportunities for relaxation, also offers preventive wellness. The hotel is based on the hot and cold bath houses that were built in 1843 around Kungsplanen on Marstrandsön. The adjacent Societetshuset, which was built in 1886, is also part of our new, traditional facility. The buildings have been renovated and a large part of the original atmosphere has been preserved in order to create a quiet and wonderful place for recovery.



People have been swimming here since the early 19th century and Marstrandsön was for a long time the center of the bathing life that emerged in Sweden following the example of the German, British and Dutch coasts. King of Sweden King Oscar II spent almost every summer from 1887 to 1907 on Marstrand, which gave the island a royal splendor. The so-called Kungsplanen became a natural hub for the social life that later made Marstrand the famous place it is today.




Marstrand is located 45 km north of Gothenburg; a bus or train trip takes about 50 minutes. From Gothenburg Central Station/Nils Ericsson Terminal, airport buses run to Landvetter airport.

From Gothenburg Central Station/Nils Ericson Terminal, take the Marstrand Express bus (MEXP) to Marstrand’s ferry terminal, se timetable. You can also take the Västtåget train to Ytterby and then the Marstrand Express bus.

From Marstrand’s ferry terminal, the ferry (line 322) runs between Koön and Marstrand island regularly around the clock and only takes 2 minutes to cross.


On Marstrands island, get off the ferry to the right and walk along the quay to the north and you will arrive at Marstrands Kurhotell


Kungsplanen, 442 67 Marstrand
Tel: 0303-600 10
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